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More Big Conversation events on the horizon with Habia Training providers will be able to get updates and information on the issues affecting them and their learners as Habia launches another round of Big Conversation events.

Launched in 2011, the Big Conversation- sponsored by VTCT - is a series of events across the UK giving educators the opportunity to talk to the sector skills body for the hair and beauty industries face-to-face, learn more about how Habia can support them and get questions answered directly from key Habia staff.

Areas covered include Apprenticeships, funding, qualification reform, e-learning and policy, whilst there are practical demonstrations of in-demand skills such as male grooming and media make-up.

So far, six Big Conversations have been held, with over 280 educators from 150 organisations attending.

Jackie Holian, Director of Business Development, said, "The first series of Big Conversation events were hugely successful, and educators have really appreciated the opportunity to talk to us directly and learn how we can help them. The training sector is facing unprecedented challenges right now in terms of reform and funding constraints, but Habia is in a position to explain clearly what is happening and help training providers find a way through it.

Likewise, we have taken the opportunity to ask our own questions and find out where we can provide better support and information, and get an idea of what is happening in each region.".

Tickets for the events are £25 including VAT

He added, "Habia is entering a new era where sector professionals must embrace the need to demonstrate their professionalism in a way that is utterly transparent to employers and has the trust of the general public. This register will be a key element of gaining that new level of trust.

It will be run on a not-for-profit basis and supported by an online skills passport which allows learners and professionals to update their qualifications and experience as they go along. And for long servicing professionals without formal qualifications, Habia - along with the technical groups and forums - will be developing a mechanism so that they too can gain entry to the register. Habia will launch the register to consumers in summer 2013. We are aiming to exceed the high level of public awareness of REPS, which you will almost certainly have come across if you go to a gym, leisure centre of sports venue."

The register is still in its early stages of development, though it is expected to be launched to industry and the wider public this summer. Those interested in joining can register their interest at http://www.habia.org/hsa/register/.

With regard to hairdressing, Habia remains committed to supporting the State Registered Hairdressers (SRH) programme operated by the Hairdressing Council.